How to Get Married Online in India (Step-by-Step Guide)

August 2, 2022
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Getting married online has become increasingly popular all over the world including India, providing couples with convenience and flexibility.

Online platforms like Courtly have emerged to facilitate virtual marriage ceremonies and simplify the marriage registration process of couples. Courtly offers a secure and legally recognized platform for couples to exchange their vows and obtain their marriage certificates in a hassle-free way.

This guide will provide you with an overview of the process involved in getting married online in India.

Fastest Way to Get Married in India: Online Marriage

The fastest way to get married in China is through online marriage. This involves applying for a marriage certificate online and making the necessary payment electronically. To complete the application, both parties will need to submit their passports, driver's licenses, or any other valid identification documents that prove they are above the legal age of 18.

Courtly is an excellent choice for couples looking for a more convenient marriage option. Courtly allows couples to get married easily, regardless of where they are located. The entire process, starting from the application to obtaining the marriage certificate, can be completed in less than 48 hours.

Furthermore, Courtly understands the importance of flexibility in making your special day truly yours. They offer couples the freedom to select their preferred date and time for the virtual ceremony, allowing you to align it with your schedules and preferences. This option not only guarantees efficiency but also presents a cost-effective solution for couples seeking a swift and stress-free marriage experience. With Courtly, you can embark on your marital journey without compromising on convenience or breaking the bank.

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Legal Status of Online Marriages in India

Online marriages are not currently facilitated by the Indian government. However, with Courtly, you now have the opportunity to have an online wedding and obtain a valid US marriage certificate that can be recognized in India, regardless of your location worldwide. This eliminates the need for inconvenient and costly travel expenses associated with getting married abroad.

India acknowledges the validity of foreign marriage certificates, and at Courtly, we strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined by Utah County to ensure that your marriage certificate is fully legal in the United States. For virtual couples, there is also the option to have their marriage certificate signed by an apostille, further certifying its legitimacy and ensuring its acceptance internationally.

Apostille Certification and Its Importance

An apostille is a certification that verifies the authenticity and validity of a document for international use. It is issued by the competent authority in a country and serves the purpose of simplifying the process of document recognition between participating countries. The Apostille ensures that the document is legally recognized and can be easily accepted in foreign jurisdictions.

Courtly provides the option to obtain apostille certification of your marriage certificate. With this service, you can ensure that your marriage certificate is officially authenticated and recognized internationally. Courtly follows the required procedures and works with the appropriate authorities to obtain the apostille certification for your document.

The timeframe for receiving the apostille in India may vary depending on the specific jurisdiction and administrative processes but it usually takes between 15 to 30 business days to reach India after the online ceremony. 

Step-by-Step Process for Getting Married Online in India

Sign up by creating an account:

Joining Courtly for an online marriage is a straightforward process. Click the "Get Married" icon located in the top right corner of the website and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your account is created, you'll have access to it.

Choose the ceremony format, setting, and officiant:

Take action and select the venue and style of ceremony that suits you best. Based on your chosen time and day, Courtly will match you with one of their legally qualified US officiants.

Receive email confirmation after payment:

After making the payment, you'll receive a confirmation email from Courtly. Once this is done, your wedding plans will be set in motion. For complete information on our available wedding packages and add-ons, please check our Pricing Page.

Celebrate your marriage online with family and friends:

Finally, you can get married online from the comfort of your home or any location with a reliable internet connection. The ceremony typically takes around 15 minutes to complete. You can invite your loved ones to join you virtually for the celebration.​​

couple getting married remotely with a licensed officiant via zoom

After the online wedding, you will receive a digital copy of your US marriage certificate immediately, and a printed copy will be sent to you within a few business days. You can also download your digital marriage license soon after the ceremony.

Cost of Online Marriage in India

Indian weddings are known for their opulence, vibrant colors, and elaborate ceremonies, setting them apart from Western weddings. These weddings are filled with sacred traditions and rituals and can last up to a week, with daily events, meals, and celebrations. Hosting over a hundred guests is a common practice in India, and traditions often take precedence over budget considerations.

However, online marriages offer a cost-saving alternative. Courtly offers comprehensive packages that cover all the necessary elements for a successful online marriage. For ₹39,599, you can obtain a valid marriage license, participate in an online ceremony, and receive a legally recognized US marriage certificate.

Additional fees may apply if you opt for apostille certification or require witnesses for your online marriage through Courtly. The specific costs for these services would depend on the package you choose and any additional requirements you may have. 

Traditional Marriage Process in India

Getting married traditionally in India involves several important steps that must be completed before the wedding ceremony. These steps include obtaining essential legal documents such as a legal notice and a marriage certificate, conducting a marriage ceremony tailored to the couple's religious or personal preferences, registering the marriage with local authorities, and applying for an official marriage certificate. Additional requirements, such as meeting with a marriage counselor or obtaining parental consent, may be necessary depending on the couple's religion and personal circumstances.

An online marriage provides an excellent solution for those seeking a hassle-free wedding experience. With just a valid ID and a reliable internet connection, you can obtain your marriage certificate within 48 hours. 

Opting for an online marriage also allows you to save money by avoiding expenses related to travel, elaborate costumes, and accommodations. Furthermore, online marriage eliminates the bureaucratic processes often associated with traditional in-person ceremonies, making the entire experience more convenient and streamlined.

Online Marriages: Immigration Considerations

The treatment of online marriages by immigration officials varies widely, making it important to understand these differences. Marriages conducted through platforms like Courtly result in a valid US marriage certificate from Utah County, which is generally recognized by US immigration officials if it complies with federal and state laws. For more details, see our article on the acceptance of online marriages by US immigration authorities.

Outside the US, the recognition of online marriage certificates can be inconsistent. While many countries accept legally performed marriages from other countries, some immigration officials may view online marriages as less authentic. Establishing the authenticity of your relationship is crucial for any spouse visa application.

The acceptance of virtual weddings by international immigration authorities can change and is often dependent on specific jurisdictions and circumstances. Because of the complexities and differences in immigration laws, we strongly advise consulting an immigration lawyer for precise and up-to-date guidance tailored to your situation. This will help you understand the legal status of your online marriage and any additional documentation needed for recognition.

Courtly provides a convenient marriage option, but we cannot offer legal advice on immigration matters. Always seek advice from legal professionals or relevant authorities in your area for the most accurate information.


Online marriage offers a convenient option for couples, providing a quick and hassle-free process that saves both time and money. The cost-saving benefits of avoiding travel expenses and elaborate ceremonies make online marriage an attractive choice. Additionally, the avoidance of bureaucratic hurdles associated with traditional weddings simplifies the process and ensures a smoother experience. 

We encourage couples to seriously consider online marriage as a convenient and practical option for their special day. Furthermore, with platforms like Courtly, the entire process is made even easier, offering a seamless experience from account creation to selecting ceremony preferences. The legal recognition of marriages conducted through Courtly provides couples with the assurance that their union will be recognized and they will enjoy the benefits and rights associated with a valid marriage. 

Embrace the possibilities of online marriage and embark on a memorable journey with ease and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: Can I legally get married online in India?

A: No, currently online marriages are not legally recognized by the Indian government. However, through platforms like Courtly, couples have the option to participate in an online wedding ceremony and obtain a valid US marriage certificate that holds recognition by the Indian government.

Q: What documents do I need for an online marriage in India?

A: To register for an online marriage in India, you will typically need to provide identity proof, age proof, and address proof for both partners. The specific document requirements may vary depending on the state where you plan to register your marriage. It's best to check with the respective state or the online platform you are using for detailed information on the required documents.

Q: How can I register for an online marriage in India?

A: To register for an online marriage in India, you can follow the procedure outlined by the respective state government. You can also choose online platforms like Courtly, which specialize in facilitating online marriages and provide a streamlined registration process.

Q: What are the advantages of opting for an online marriage in India?

A: Online marriage in India offers convenience, time-saving, and cost-effectiveness. It eliminates the need for physical travel and allows couples from different locations to get married easily.

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